Superior financing solutions for borrowers, advisors, and lenders.

We connect companies, private equity investors and advisors with a network of high profile lending partners through our digital marketplace.

Leverest’s process management software supports your debt financing process end-to-end.

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We support borrowers (private equity investors and their advisors as well as corporates and their management teams) in finding the best solutions for acquisition financings, refinancings, recaps or add-on financings by identifying best fitting debt funds, banks or local banks. Likewise, we support lenders in finding best fitting financing opportunities according to their investment criteria.

Process Management Tools

End-to-end software-supported debt process:

  • Deal & Lender Management
  • Q&A Management
  • Data Room
  • Termgrid Negotiation
  • And more...

We provide

Easy Access

Easy access to a large universe of potential lenders / potential deals


Highest standards of confidentiality. Double-layer security at any time.


Superior insights into the debt financing market

TECH Support

Tech-supported process management through tailored software solutions.

Control & Transparency

Increased control and transparency in financing processes

Data Security

Military-standards on data security. Double-layer security at any time.

Leverest Team

We are

Leverest is a fintech-platform designed to facilitate financing transactions by applying advanced technology. Coming from the industry, we thrive in connecting borrowers (companies & private equity investors) and their advisors with the right lending partners, thus providing a best-in-class financing experience by applying advanced technology and facilitating to superior financing outcomes.

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