Leverest featured in Börsen-Zeitung: Investmentbank Alantra now manages all debt transactions on Leverest platform

Berlin/Frankfurt, Germany – Jan-Moritz Hohn (CEO) and Janik Bold (COO) of Leverest together with Alantra’s Philipp Holst and Maximilian Rohardt talked to Philipp Habdank about how the Leverest platform is helping Debt Advisors to leverage and improve their services and “[..] handle more mandates with the same number of employees [..]”. 

The investment banking industry is undergoing a significant transformation as firms embrace digitalization to enhance their processes and services. The article of Börsen-Zeitung reveals how the Leverest platform is leveling up investment banking helping leading debt advisors such as Alantra to stay ahead of the game through cutting-edge technology.

Leverest provides a marketplace and workflow management software and thus offers debt advisors a digital end-to-end solution for their workflows. Via the marketplace deal managers or borrowers can post financing requests and receive inbound requests from lenders, i.e. banks and debt funds. The software supports the financing process end-to-end digitally from initial reach-out via the marketplace, over deal-management, NDA & release letter handling, Q&A management, Termgrid negotiation until documentation & closing.

Alantra confirms efficiency gains: More mandates with the same number of people

Using the Leverest platform, Investment Banks such as Alantra benefit from enormous efficiency gains as well as an increase in speed and quality of their processes and services:

“We see Leverest as a software tool that allows us to handle more mandates with the same number of employees without compromising the quality of the advice we provide.” comments Alantra director, Philipp Holst.

Alantra now manages all debt transactions digitally end-to-end on the Leverest platform from initial reach-out to lenders to the termgrid and documentation phase. The investment bank plans an international roll-out of the Leverest software to its other international hubs in London, Paris and Madrid.

Follow the Link to access to full article: https://www.boersen-zeitung.de/banken-finanzen/exklusiv-alantra-und-leverest-gehen-kooperation-ein

Leverest is featured in Börsen-Zeitung: Cooperation with Alantra

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